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About us

The London Enneagram Centre was established in 2002 to provide a forum for Londoners and those living and working within travelling distance of the capital to learn about the Enneagram and to exchange news and ideas. We have facilitated others outside London to set up similar groups in Bristol, Guildford, Liverpool, Manchester and Sheffield.

Our meetings and courses provide forums to share learning and experience of each other's Enneagram type through the Narrative Tradition, to express one's perspective and motivations and to hear those of others in an open, supportive and caring way.

The London Enneagram Centre offers:

  • Monthly meetings (except July, August and December) in London.

  • DVDs and books, including exclusive publications can be obtained at our meetings or via Enneagram Worldwide.

  • Information about upcoming training sessions and courses

  • Typing interviews to help you discover your Enneagram type

The Organisers

rosemary   Rosemary Cowan is a Certified Enneagram Teacher in the Narrative Tradition having completed the Enneagram Professional Training Programme founded by Helen Palmer and David Daniels. She uses the Enneagram, among other models, in her role as a psychotherapist as well as in her personal life. She regularly conducts workshops enabling individuals, couples and teams to manage themselves and their relationships with each other more effectively. Learn about Rosemary's psychotherapy and couples counselling practice at www.rosemarycowan.com.
Paul   Paul Cowan is also a Certified Enneagram Teacher in the Narrative Tradition and a psychotherapist. He uses the Enneagram in every aspect of his life. See resources to read Paul’s dissertation on the Enneagram in an organisational context.

Rosemary and Paul teach the Enneagram internationally and present papers and workshops at Enneagram conferences.

The London Enneagram Centre is an affiliate of Enneagram Studies in the Narrative Tradition,
founded by Helen Palmer and David Daniels.

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